Top Audio Apps for iOS and Android

In today’s world there are many different varieties of audio app available, with many possible applications for consumers. Whether it’s an app for an audiophile who needs a quick way to improve the sound quality and depth of their beloved music playlist on the go, a security cell phone tracking app app that listens via smartphone mic and speakers, or a reading fanatic without the time to delve into a novel, who is looking to find a good audiobook app with the best selection of literature at reasonable prices.

Advancements in audio app technology
Hand held devices such as smart cell phones are being produced to such high specifications they can be used to host powerful audio apps that previously could be installed on computers. For example, reviews the best cell phone tracker apps, mSpy has sophisticated audio capabilities so be sure to check the rating out.

This app can record calls, voice mails and even turn of on the phone mic to record conversations on the target device.

Here is a selection of the best audio based apps, with a variety of uses both for iOS, and Android:

1. Audible for Android

Possibly the most well-known audiobook app on the market. Audible offers a vast selection of audio books produced to an excellent standard, while also offering its own exclusively produced content that is only available via the Audible app. Amazon Prime integration offers Prime members free access to a selected range of top program, and there is an added option to pay a subscription fee of $14.95 per month for one free download of any audiobook, as well as a 30% reduction on the price of additional titles. The app itself is completely free to download, with audiobooks available for purchase within the app.
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2. PlayerPro for Android

A personalized music player app, offering extra customizability over traditional apps. PlayerPro offers a clean interface to select tracks as with a standard music player; either through albums, artists, or searching individual tracks. The program automatically finds album art and artist pictures through embedded ID3 tags, but they can additionally be found through local storage or internet. Every tab can be moved and there are additional skins available for further UI customization, while there is an included 10 band equalizer with 20 presets to control the levels of playback. There is currently a free trial of the app available, and the full version is available on the app store for $3.99. Read more…

3. Lexis Audio Editor for Android

The Lexis Audio Editor is a single track editor for the recording and editing of simple audio files. Features include the ability to manage playback speed, normalize audio, reducte background noise and record voice. Simple to use tools allow you to cut and paste sections of audio, as well as adding cross-fade and mixing a new recording into the audio file; while simple in function, the lack of a price tag makes it something worth looking at for simple audio work. This app supports mp3, wav, flacc, m4a, aac and wma files. Read more…

4. Samplr for iOS

Considered by many to be the most useful audio editor on cell phone for iOS, Samplr allows users to edit audio files by touch, interacting directly with audio waveforms. The app allows the user to record, splice and edit recorded files through manipulating the visualized recording. The interface itself is designed for live performance, the app allowing for the fast, freeform sound editing you might expect from a much more expensive piece of musical equipment. Featuring a clean and simple UI, intuitive touch controls, cloud based importing through Dropbox, compatibility with both WAV and AIFF files as well as MIDI Sync input; Samplr is available via itunes for $9.99 Read more…

5. ONKYO HF Player for iOS

Similar to PlayerPro, the ONKYO HF Player is an iOS version sporting many of the same features. The standard music player tools are all accounted for, while the app additionally offers the ability to create and save genre-specific equalizer presets, by artist, genre, or to match different kinds of headphones. The player offers the potential to crossfade between songs, and a 48 kHz upsampling feature. The app is free to download and compatible with iPhone 4s and later devices.


KRFT is a buildable music soundboard and synthesizer; dubbed a ‘Modular Instrument’ the app allows users to set up a soundboard of geometric shapes that respond to touch. User crafted loops, modifiers, constant drum beats and a plethora of other options can be added to design and play out an arrangement. The app can send MIDI to any DAW, sync with other devices via Ableton Link and import samples that the user has created. KRFT is currently available via iTunes for $4.99.

This is just a small selection of the audio applications available for cell phones, and there are many interesting offers on the market today. While the mobile industry finds ways to make much of the audio world more streamlined, decreasing sound quality in favour of storage and other more mainstream features, modern technology allows for incredible advances in the industry. Whether for consumers looking for professional sound quality on the go, high level listening enabled apps for family security or musicians looking for innovative new ways to visualise and compose new pieces, these apps find innovative ways to bring high quality audio to mobile.