Audible App for Android

Overview of Audible
Audible for Android is a great solution for anyone who’s interested in enjoying books with their ears – which is actually very convenient and useful in a number of situations.

Simply put, this is the app version of the massively popular service – the largest worldwide producer and distributor of audio content; its content library includes audiobooks as well as audio entertainment, and even information programs. In case you’re wondering just how big this company really is, keep in mind acquired by Amazon for a respectable $300 million, early in 2008… and it’s been growing steadily ever since.

audible for android

Read through this article for a full overview of Audible for Android, its typical uses, as well as some popular alternatives.

What does the Audible app do?

Audible for Android is a very straightforward and easy to use app that allows you to tap into the largest collection of audio content in the world.

You can rely on this app and its associated service to download and listen to a massive catalog featuring hundreds of thousands of audiobooks that cover most of the classics you would hope for, as well as a comprehensive selection of modern books ranging all the way from fiction to self-help and spirituality, along with children’s books and even technical content.

You will also find many other forms of audio entertainment that includes anything from speeches to stand-up comedy shows, radio shows, narration of newspapers, magazines and much more.

If you love reading but have never considered audiobooks, this app will definitely be a good starting point. Even if you already know and love audiobooks, you should definitely try this app since it’s the most popular of its kind – as clearly suggested the massive library of available content.

What is this app best suited for?

This app is essentially an audiobook player that allows you to listen to content you already bought from Audible, as well as previewing and purchasing new content. Your audio library will sync automatically across all your devices where you install this app, which makes it very convenient and useful. While it’s very easy to use, there are some interesting features such as chapter navigation, sleep timer and narration speed adjustment.

You can also use this app to sample up to 10 minutes of audio from all products in the Audible catalogue, as well as directly purchasing the content you like. The app is free to download and comes with a one month free trial that includes a free audiobook of your choice; once the trial is over, you can subscribe to the Audible service for a monthly fee available in different payment plans suitable for all kinds of listeners, each plan including a different number of book credits.

Alternatives to Audible

While Audible is the undisputed king of audiobooks in terms of scale, there are some less expensive alternatives available for Android devices. Some of the most popular examples include Nook Audiobooks, Downpour, Overdrive (a rental format), and Librivox (an open source alternative).

Head out to the Play store right now if you want to try any these apps, and start listening to your favorite audiobooks today from your mobile devices.

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