KRFT Audio App for iOS

Overview of KRFT
The unique concept of modular instrumentation has gained ground in recent years. This software application allows users to built a virtual “instrument” from the ground up based upon their needs. It has been constructing using a centralized interface and it can be used in combination with other audio applications.

The total file size of the bundle is 22.6 megabytes and it has been developed by Studio Amplify Ltd. KRFT for iOS is able to function with iOS 9.0 or later versions. It is also compatible with the iPhone as well as most newer versions of the iPad.

krft audio app

What does KRFT Audio App do?

The developers of this software wanted to provide the user with a unique tactile experience. They designed the concept of creating music with a virtual “canvas” as opposed to a standard user interface. As it has been primarily designed for live play, every track will be different.

Each musical “cell” is associated with a unique behavior. Two or more of these cells can be combined; allowing the user to experiment with different effects until he or she finds the desired output. All interactions between cells can be controlled from a central panel and there is no need for any additional software.

Interestingly enough, it is also possible to control other third-party software bundles for an added sense of functionality. DAW logic packages such as Logic Pro and Ableton are two examples. MIDI connectivity is likewise supported. Any samples are able to be imported to or exported from other apps; a massive benefit when trying to combine multiple tracks with ease.

The graphical interface provides a clean and streamlined appeal; employing unique colors and designs in order to offer a sense of unison when composing tracks. This is also great at supporting a non-linear workflow; very advantageous for the modern musician.

What is KRFT good for?

KRFT for iOS is mainly intended to be used as a highly integrated and advanced audio mixer. It is ideal for musicians and artists who might have been looking for a more hands-on sense of creativity when compared to traditional methods of editing. It can be used as a “sandbox” to create entirely new pieces or as a powerful bundle of editing software in the event that an existing file needs to be edited.

As real-time recording is another possibility, this software can be highly useful within the studio environment. Any recorded tracks can then be played back at a later time; enabling musicians to tweak their productions without needing to incorporate more memory-laden alternatives.

Alternatives to KRFT on iOS

Although this package is indeed powerful in terms of its functionality, there may be times when users are looking for additional options. Some of these will be free (or associated with a trial period) while others may require a one-off payment during the download.

A handful of very popular variants to KRFT include BlokDust, Radium, SunVox, Psychosynth and Lily. These may be open-source creations or they could be compatible with tablets as well. Please refer to the official website to learn more.