PlayerPro App for Android

A Quick Overview of PlayerPro
PlayerPro for Android is a streamlined music player for mobile phones. While there is a trial version currently available, access to all features will require a one-time paid download.

It is rather lightweight and it offers the user a number of innovative tools. Please note that users have the option to download an additional bundle known as a DSP Pack.

This offers handy features such as a ten-band graphic equalizer and gap-less playback (so that no silence is heard between two audio tracks). Assuming that PlayerPro has been installed first, there is no charge to activate this program.

player pro app

What Does PlayerPro Do?

PlayerPro for Android can be considered an all-in-one music player for those who have been looking for a streamlined means to access their favourite songs. One of the most interesting aspects in regards to this bundle is that it is extremely customizable making it a worthwhile listing for the Database Audio website. There are over 20 skins to choose from and thanks to a five-band graphic equalizer, audio output is superior to other third-party programs.

The user-friendly nature of its interface is also quite impressive. Standard features such as the ability to create a favorites list and the possibility to sort music based off of artist and genre are offered. However, listeners can employ a “smart search” feature. This allows them to create numerous categories based off of specific criteria. Some options include:

  • Sorting tracks based off of play count.
  • Loading the most recent songs that were played.
  • Determining the type of file (such as a podcast).
  • Listing songs based off of their ratings.

Not only will these possibilities offer a decidedly flexible edge, but they allow the user to find the appropriate song in a matter of seconds. A handful of other innovative options include the possibility to add artwork and to classify every song based off of a five-star rating system.

Who Should Download PlayerPro?

There are several reasons why a consumer might want to download PlayerPro for Android. It can be argued that the most common is a desire to encounter a cutting-edge media player that rivals many of its mainstream counterparts. Also, those who are interesting in sharing their tracks on social media will enjoy how easily this bundle can be integrated into popular platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Ultimately, this application provides a hands-on feel that might not be present within generic packages. Anyone who desires an edge in terms of musical playback will be very pleased with what this smartphone app his in store.

Useful Alternatives to PlayerPro

There are many reasons why one might wish to know the available alternatives to PlayerPro. Those who prefer a free application with similar capabilities can examine bundles such as Poweramp Music Player and Rocket Player. Anyone wishing to pay a small price can purchase the professional version of Poweramp Music Player.

Other similar programs include MixZing Music player, doubleTwist Music Player and Shuttle+ Music Player. Please keep in mind that some of these can be installed at no charge while others may require a one-time payment.

For download information, screenshots and reviews please take a look at PlayerPro on Google Play.